“ I have tried Lyprinol and I find it to be excellent. It’s an amazing natural product!”

Dame Mary Peters, CBE – Olympic Gold Medallist

“I am a busy Mum and carer and had always enjoyed walking but around 10 years ago I found that my knees were painful when walking and if I crouched down I couldn’t get back up again, without something to hold on to. I began to take cod liver oil and although it helped for a while the symptoms began to come back. I saw an advert for Lyprinol and decided to try it. It keeps all my symptoms at bay and I have recommended it to many people. At 55 I need to remain active to be able to care. Lyprinol, has helped me to maintain my lifestyle. “

Mrs. B. McIntosh Woodley, Reading

“If you had asked me after 4 weeks if Lyprinol was working, my reply would have been I honestly don’t know, however I continued to take and after week 5, I began to see an improvement and by week 6, my aches and pains were gone. I have been taking Lyprinol now for 3 years and wouldn’t be without it.”

Alec Bell. Airdrie

“I suffered from Asthma from birth, and after having read about Lyprinol I decided to try the product. After taking Lyprinol I found a great improvement and I continue to use it alongside my medication. I now no longer suffer from my yearly bout of bronchitis.
My husband also uses Lyprinol now for his arthritis and has found a great improvement.”

Susan Laverick, Southampton

“My pain has eased, my mobility has improved and my last scan showed that my bone density, which is lowered by the osteoarthritis, is actually improving.”

Anne-Marie Conway, Bolton

“I’ve always been a keen golfer, however more and more I was having to finish the course early, due to back pain. A good friend recommended that I try Lyprinol. I gradually started to feel much better but still didn’t appreciate that it was all down to Lyprinol, until I ran out and all the old aches and pains returned. I’ve been on the product for 8 months now and I’m now back on the golf course and have no problems completing the round. I’d like to thank you for your first class service and for introducing me to your Auto Delivery Service which takes all the hassle away from me having to reorder.”

Ian Ferguson. Paisley.

“About 7 or 8 years ago I started suffering from joint pain in my knee. I was finding difficulty climbing the stairs or when walking. I was taking pain relief, which only worked for about 3 to 4 hours and then the pain was back. I was introduced to Lyprinol and I started taking it. After about a month I noticed I was able to go for walks and do a bit of dancing again. I also feel so much better health wise in general.”

Mr.A. Imrie Glenrothes , Fife

“My respiratory system is very much impaired due to whooping cough when I was a child. I first came across Lyprinol when I worked in my husband’s chemist shop. I have never looked back. Within weeks my breathing at night improved and I was sleeping much better. I have always taken two capsules in the morning and two at night as it helps my breathing so much. I have actually tested myself by letting the Lyprinol run out, but after a week without them, I am reordering again. They really are my “magic capsules”. The customer service is wonderful I can order today and they arrive tomorrow.”

Dianne Davis 66 years old, Mid Glamorgan

“Around 2008/2009 I saw an advert about Lyprinol and after finding out more about it on the web I decided to give it a try. I had suffered a serious accident in 2005, which left me in pain. I had tried various treatments, but was always looking to find something better. Initially I started on four capsules a day and after the first month felt much better. I continued for another month on four capsules, by which time I was hardly getting any pain so I reduced to taking two a day which I have been on ever since. Lyprinol has given me back my life as I am a very active person and as far as I am concerned it does what is says on the packaging and is superior to anything else I have ever tried.”

Mr.Rod Bolmer 80 years young, Stanley, Wakefield

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