Lyprinol® contains a unique grouping of rare omega-3 fatty acids derived from the non-polar lipids of New Zealand’s green lipped mussel (perna canaliculus). This combination of omega-3 fatty acids is unique to this species and is not found in any other variety of sea food.

The green lipped mussels which contain the raw material for Lyprinol are grown at the north tip of New Zealand’s south island in the beautiful MarIborough Sounds region. The Marlborough Sounds represent a perfect growing environment for mussels, with pristine waters and nourishing Pacific Ocean currents combining with an ideal climate.

Recent research has highlighted the vital role played by the unique fatty acids contained in the New Zealand green-lipped mussel [Reference: Treschow, A.P. et al (2007) Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Part B 147: 645-656].

After years of research, Maclab has now patented a process that enables us to test and screen mussels prior to harvesting and identifies those mussels which are rich in free fatty acids (FFAs).

FFAs play a vital role in the activity of the mussel, and FFA content varies markedly across New Zealand.  We have been using and refining the selection process for some time and the new patent will ensure maximum efficacy of the finished freeze dried mussel powder. Maclab is the only company in New Zealand which owns and operates its own mussel farms, allowing us to have total control over all aspects of our manufacturing process. In combination with our unique HPP cold processing technology and stabilisation method that protects the lipids in the finished product, our customers will continue to receive the world’s best mussel powder.

This new patent means Maclab is the only company which produces a stabilised mussel powder with proven efficacy. All mussel farming and processing in the Marlborough Sounds is strictly controlled by New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (”MAF”) to ensure that mussels conform to the highest quality standards. The Marlborough Sounds are regularly monitored to ensure that mussels are grown in clean, unpolluted waters.

The mussels from which Lyprinol® is extracted take around a year to grow to the desired length of 80mm. When they are harvested they must be rushed to the factory and processed immediately to ensure that all the important lipids are fully protected. The mussels are stabilised and then freeze dried according to a patented process which is essential for the subsequent extraction of the non-polar lipids in the mussel.

The processing plant conforms to the highest quality control standards, which are strictly regulated and enforced by MAF on behalf of the United States FDA and EU authorities. After the stabilised mussels have been freeze dried into powder, they are shipped to a factory for the extraction of Lyprinol®.

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