Below are some Customer Testimonials for Lyprinol

“As a 77-year-old hill walking woman, I’m pleased to say “Thank-you, lyprinol, you have alleviated both the chronic joint pain and the frequent sinusitis which plagued my childhood and teenage years. I love walking in the mountains, have done since my twenties and Lyprinol has outshone all the prescription drugs in enabling me to continue to do so.” – Moira Newsome – Linington

“Lyprinol comes highly recommended for my then 90-year-old mother. She is 94 this year. Ever since consuming Lyprinol, she wants no other supplements as she can really enjoy the full efficacy of what Lyprinol provides. Since then, we have been recommending this product to friends suffering from joint pains.” – Moi Leng

“Lyprinol has helped me walk again. Before I was in contact pain with my knees and I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery. Since I’ve started taking lyprinol I’ve been exercising, and my surgeon has cancelled my knee surgery saying he could make things worse!” – David – 76 years old – Belfast

“Having been diagnosed with Chronic Spinal Stenosis in my lower back 9 years ago, major spinal surgery was the only option offered to get me back to near normal. I discovered Lyprinol shortly after the diagnosis and have taken it ever since. It has improved my mobility significantly. I modified my lifestyle slightly and now lead a fairly active life, can manage walks up to 6 miles and have not as yet required surgery- fingers crossed it continues” – Graham – 69 – Herefordshire