Arthritis in the Winter

Time changes make the nights darker, and the leaves fall.

People think arthritis and cold weather go together. It’s no secret that winter makes arthritis worse, whether inflammatory or not.

Many patients expect knee and hand pain to worsen as winter approaches. Why are arthritis symptoms more severe, especially in cold weather? How can you deal with it?

It’s all here for you. Keep reading!

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What is Arthritis:

Arthritis generally refers to the swelling and pain in the joints, and it affects people of all ages – not just older people—some of which may result in reduced range of motion, stiffness, or structural changes to the joint.

Various types of arthritis have different causes, symptoms, and treatments – but the common thing is that they all cause painful swelling in the joints.

Winter makes arthritis worse; why?

A lot of people get joint pain and stiff muscles during the winter. In the winter, arthritis patients tend to have more knee pain, swelling, hand pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Here are a few reasons why arthritis flares up in winter:

1.    Pain receptors:

Have you ever noticed that we tend to feel more pain in winter than in other seasons?         

That’s right.

During cold weather, pain receptors are more sensitive. The cold reduces blood flow, which can cause nerve pain. So, arthritis patients feel more joint pain in the cold.

2.    Atmospheric pressure:

Is there any link between winter atmospheric pressure and arthritis? Yes, it’s true.

  • It hurts your joints when the atmospheric pressure falls. In low pressure, tissues swell, resulting in tension between joints and painKnee pain and hand pain are the most common.
  • Changing pressure, which expands tendons and muscles, causing pain.

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3.    Less activity:

The more mobile we are, the better off our joints are. Regular flexing and contraction of our muscles keep them solid and functional. There is no doubt that people move less during the winter, which results in arthritis and joint pain.

The winter cure for arthritis:

Looking for arthritis prevention this winter? 

Here’s how you can deal with arthritis in winter. Keep scrolling down.

1.   Make sure you stay warm:

Cold winters are bad for your joints, so stay warm. Cover your hands, knees, legs, and other joints at risk of arthritis.

2.   Maintain a healthy diet:

The proper diet won’t cure arthritis but might help strengthen bones and reduce inflammation. Don’t go crazy with sugar and other carbs—fatty fish, nuts, seeds, and lyprinol (green-lipped mussel extract) help reduce inflammation.

3.   Mobility:

It’s still important to stay active for patients with arthritis. Exercise is your best bet to prevent arthritis pain.

4.   Stress-free:

Stress doesn’t directly increase the chances of arthritis. But it restricts your movement. If it is winter, you are more prone to getting arthritis. Walking with friends can be good for your mood, and there will be fewer chances of depression.

5.   Nutritional supplement:

Still suffering from arthritis despite taking supplements such as vitamins D, Lyprinol (green-lipped mussel extract), etc.?

That’s not convincing:

Check out these supplements for reducing joint inflammation and pain:

  • Lyprinol:

Lyprinol supplement contains a marine lipid extract from green-lipped mussel. It’s anti-inflammatory. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the risks of arthritisknee painhand pain, neck pain, etc.

  • Vitamin D:

Sunlight is the source of vitamin D. Winter means less exposure to sunlight, so less vitamin D. It’s possible that low levels of vitamin D make you more sensitive to arthritis pain.

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Final thoughts:

Winter can be challenging for arthritis patients.

Feeling stuck?

No need to worry. Keep moving in creative ways. Work out at home. Whenever you get a chance, stretch for five minutes. Pain won’t last even if the cold does.

Hopefully, you’ll be free of arthritis next winter if you follow the tips mentioned above.

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