Exercising with Arthritis

Exercising With Arthritis

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If you’re an arthritis patient or know someone struggling with arthritis, then you should know how drastically exercise can improve the life quality of someone with this illness.

Adapting a healthy diet and taking meds regularly are not the only ways of bringing relief into your or your loved one’s life. Cardio for arthritis is often recommended by medical professionals to all patients, and rightly so!

Why is exercising so important for arthritis patients?

It is suggested that people with arthritis participate regularly in joint-friendly activities.

These are basically light activities that are not only easy on your joints but are also low-impact and very beneficial for arthritis patients.

Here is how working out through joint-friendly activities can enhance the quality of an arthritis patient’s life;

  1. A simple, regular low-impact exercise like walking is likely to delay the onset of disability caused by arthritis. 
  2. These activities decrease the risk of injury for those with arthritis, thus encouraging them to regularly carry out these exercises.
  3. Carrying out these activities in groups allows patients to improve their lives socially as well, and it results in a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle for these people.
  4. Arthritis patients who also have other conditions like diabetes, obesity et cetera are helped with controlling their other conditions better as well.
  5. Muscle strength is improved which helps ease joint pain

Tips for exercise routines for arthritis patients

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When it comes to gym workouts for arthritis it is important to keep the intensity of your workout controlled, safe and beneficial. Here are some tips to guide you;

  1. Your workout routine should be centered around aerobic activities like using elliptical machines and water exercises that reduce the impact on joints, as well as strength training and other activities that improve the range of motion and flexibility.
  2. In order to keep your workout routine in check and in accordance with your particular illness and state, it is recommended that you work with a certified physical trainer.
  3. For some cases of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, exercises that are gentler on actively inflamed joints should be preferred, like water exercises.
  4. DON’T overwork yourself. It is extremely important for arthritis patients to recognize significant pain in their body and take it as a sign to stop exercising immediately.
  5. It is also essential to properly warm up before exercises by bending limbs in different directions.
  6. Activities you can carry out are low-impact aerobic activities, muscle-strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, and balance exercises.


Safe exercise can bring drastic changes to an arthritis patient’s life. Begin doing cardio for arthritis now, and draw up new plans by consulting a physical trainer to keep your body happy and active for a long time!

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